My original 'Seapaintings' came about through trial and error whilst at doing my something creative to do once the sun had set and there wasn't enough light to shoot surfing anymore. As I was primarily shooting surfing I would always tend to have a 70 - 200mm lens on my camera. As a result the early 'Seapaintings' are quite narrow in their field of view and perspective. I decided to shoot some during this last week of swell with a wider lens (35mm) and I must say I really quite like them. Not only do you get the same effect as before but you get to include the extra element of land along with the sea and the sky. Visually it is great as you have a natural layering as well as a different colour...they please all the senses. I hope you like this collection as much as the last.

Click on an image to enlarge them, some are portrait orientation too.