The theory behind this series of Seapaintings is born from an immersion within the substance or object itself. Whether that substance is the ocean or the object is the image. It’s these brief moments of daydreaming away from reality and normality of life that truly offer us a unique state of seeing and being. A higher state of consciousness which allows us to feel our way through the image.

Let us imagine ourselves within the frame, within the image, within the ocean, that very dynamic, yet sublime force. It’s as fragile as it is beautiful as ultimately we are and yet it governs us, awakens us and empowers us.

As an artist I create for a purpose and strive to create. These images are born from the desire for a better abstract. The light, the colour, the line, form, repetition (or lack thereof) are all present within these images. As all of these elements collide we can sit back and truly wonder at nature.