I've been wanting to create a body of work like this for some time now. Luckily we've had some pretty good conditions for it so far this year. A lot of elements need to align to get it just right and even then you kind of don't really know what you are going to get. You need decent light in the sky, an epic sunset and ideally a good period groundswell. The rest is a half technical, half luck but practice makes perfect and I've kind of sussed out through a bit of trial and error the best ways in which to create what you see here. They are by no means perfect but a step in the right direction I feel. I called them 'SeaPainting' because of the effect this technique creates, essentially I'm painting with light, with my camera. It's a fun thing to do after the sun goes down and I encourage everyone to give it go, you'll be pretty stoked if you get a good one!!