Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum

The work you create whilst doing a degree project takes on a very real world kind of feel, as a result of this I wanted to approach this project (The project being 'Creative Production') in the same way I would a paying client, in a thorough and professional manner.

The brief from the client was fairly straight forward and therefore open to interpretation in any way you saw fit: 'Create either stills and moving image that would encourage more people to volunteer at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum'.

Having seen the grounds at Wheal Martyn my primary aim was to produce a set of images that people could relate to, acknowledge the heritage and give a sense of place and nostalgia, all with a clean modern look. I didn’t want the advertising to be too fussy, fairly simple but with a clear message. I provided mood boards to show the client my vision and drew up a brief for myself. I communicated with both staff and volunteers and everybody there has been friendly and more than willing to participate in helping me create these images. It has been a brilliant project to work on and the overall feedback has been extremely positive, not just from the client but from my peers as well. I really wanted to produce work of a quality that the client would want to use in a real world situation, not just create a body of work for the sake of a project that had no relevance and I personally believe I have achieved this.