Rosie & Josh

What a brilliant occasion this was!!! Knowing that Rosie and Josh were having their wedding at Retorrick Mill I jumped at the opportunity to document their day. Having shot here almost a year ago to the day I knew that we were in for a nice, relaxed atmosphere and some incredibly mouth watering food.

Everything about this wedding was personal to the both of them. With the sun beating down they married in the bamboo garden. Both Rosie and Josh had written their own vows which I thought was a lovely touch and amazingly the first time I have seen this at a wedding. Their daughters are literally the cutest two girls you could ever want and made for exceptional flower girls. Rosies brother-in-law played them in and out of the ceremony on his guitar and their kids and nieces and nephews all ran riot. Everybody was free and easy and it was so good to see. That’s the beauty of being nestled in the valley. You are on your own time and can do as little or as much as you please.

The food…again was exceptional. And the band, The Stoned Roots, were one of the best I think I’ve seen for a wedding. If you can get everyone inside and dancing on tables in the middle of summer then I think you are doing something right in my eyes!!

This was a truly heart warming day and I wish you guys all the happiness on this next chapter xXxXx