Having your first exhibition is always going to be a bit of a daunting experience. Essentially you are naked in front of a lot of people who may or may not like your work!! That said I was completely overwhelmed and beyond stoked with the turn out for my first exhibition. Everyone that came along and had a look only had positive things to say and I couldn't have hoped for anything more. A really enjoyable experience.

A bit about the exhibition.

β€œPassing Realitiesβ€œ is a body of work conceived through my research into other artists, notably Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Michael Wesely and Richard Misrach. I have taken a little bit of inspiration from each one of them and what you see now is a hybrid of sorts.

When I started out to create a series of photographs I knew I wanted to be outside, living here by the ocean in Newquay the subject matter seems an obvious choice. In fact, there are many good photographers taking photographs of the ocean every day but I wanted something a little bit different. I wanted to play with time, as Sugimoto and Cooper do. What do you see when you look at these images? Time becomes irrelevant, it has no meaning within the boundaries of these frames. Are you looking at the past or into the future?

It is fascinating to me, to look at these images now, after six weeks, knowing that every single one of these photographs
was taken from the same exact spot looking west at exactly the same view. I thought that maybe there would be a risk all of the photographs looking the same but that is the beauty of where we live. With the ever changing weather that we endure, especially during these winter months means that every day is different from one to the next. Even images I shot within ten minutes of each other look drastically different...drastically beautiful.

Richard Misrach is much acclaimed for his series entitled β€œGolden Gate” where he has taken three years to produce a project
that captures the bridge at all times of day and night and every season using the exact same view from his front porch. This project reflects his approach.

Once I had started I found I couldn’t and didn’t want to change my viewpoint. Over time, I became intrigued as to the results
I would get. For myself, it had to be straight down the line and nothing in between.

Like Thomas Joshua Cooper I found the need to be at an exact point. My point is 50Β°25’32’’ N 5Β°6’2’’W looking west, at 30m above sea level, in all weathers other than rain!! Rain and cameras do
not mix very well!! Any time of day or night, as long as there is moonlight, some light, then I could take photographs.
My initial idea was to record a whole lunar cycle taking photos
at the spring high and low tides and then again at the neap tides but two weeks into the project Storm Imogen rolled through. My calculated, methodical approach had been compromised so I adopted a more fluid approach and set about recording as much as I could whenever I could. These are the results.