One Field Farm Feast

As a chef I always relish the opportunity to eat great food when it comes along and last week a lucky group of people did just that. Meg has been cultivating and growing One Field Farm for most of the last year. The effort and resilience it must take to grow produce is not something I'd really thought about until I laid eyes on her field. It's impressive and overwhelming in all one??!! You're up at 5am watering and maintaining your veg, is it all ok? Have the rabbits eaten anything? You're making jams and chutneys with left overs, harvesting what else is ready...the list goes on and on. What is great though, is when you have so much stuff that you can invite a bunch of your friends over and celebrate what you've achieved and that was the whole point of this feast. Everyone picked their own sweetcorn and BBQ'd it...field to mouth dripping in butter in less than 10 minutes!! We then all sat in Megs polytunnel in the rain, surrounded by and smelling of tomatoes and ate handsomely. It was a truly fantastic, rustic experience and I think everyone left feeling not just full of great, fresh food but a little inspired too!!