Danny & Kyle

Housemates, Aunties and Uncles, Fairy Godmothers, best friends, third wheels, the sister you never had and a combined journey that all 4 of us that live at our house have been on since around 10 years ago. To say that we are close is an understatement but next Thursday these guys are gonna get married and it's going to be soooo good Christmas is going to feel a bit of an anti-climax!! Before that however, these two really wanted some time in front of the camera...to calm the nerves (although wine and beer help just as well) so this Sunday we drove over to Dannys Dads house and to this stunning location* (which is top secret). It's the polar opposite of the beach and suited these two down to the ground. The ruins of this old estate are a photographers dream...insert a beautiful couple and it's even better, so many compositions you can never get bored. And of course, this was as much about Danny & Kyles family as it is about them so naturally their daughter Ava was involved...isn't she just the cutest??!! I hope you like them and I for one can't wait for next week xXxXxXx

* Incidentally - Henry Fox Talbot shot some of what are believed to be the first photographs of Cornwall here in 1841, 2 years after inventing photography - bit of random knowledge for you!!