Emma & Ben

I had looked forward to shooting this wedding from the moment that Emma and Ben asked me. I knew it would be good quality, full of love and warmth and a really bloody good party at the end of it all!!.

I arrived at Emma's parents house in the morning and the mood was really chilled and relaxed. Bacon sarnies and coffee greeted me on arrival and, along with Emmas Mum, Rose and Daisy and Emmas niece they all went up to the loft to start getting ready at a nice relaxed pace. The girls played make-up while Rose did hair, both of them wanting to be involved every step of the way...very cute, they even did each others nails!!

Over at Retorrick Mill I caught up with Ben and his family. Set in the Valley back from Mawgan Porth Beach this place is an oasis of calm and tranquality. You really feel as if you are well away from it all. The relaxed (if slightly nervous) vibes carried on here too and it was great to see all of Bens family travel from all over to be with him and Emma on their wedding day.

We went from here to the Farmers Arms in St Columb Minor so Ben could calm his nerves a little and then I was back to Emmas Mums for the dress shots. What a beautiful wedding dress. It was a proper fairy tale princess dress and complimented Emma so well, she looked stunning.

I have to say...if anyone has had or been to St Columb then you will understand the Vicar there doesn't do ceremonies in the usual way. Chris does things in the best way...super fun, informal and in jest. So many guests left the church saying it was the best service they had ever had!! 

...and off in the VW Camper to Retorrick. I love it at Retorrick anyway. Scott & Babs have always done a wonderful job of informal entertaining and excellent food and this was no exception, in fact it was better. There was so much (EPIC) food that even 150+ of us could get through it all. I have to mention the doughnuts from 'Donut Addiction' in Penryn nr Falmouth...my word, the best I have ever had!!!! Being a friend/guest/photographer really does have it's perks!!!

We had the speeches, a didgererydoo with a loop pedal (think accoustic Ed Sheeran) which was unreal, the first dance and then a hell of a lot more dancing as the sun finally set into the night. 

You guys smashed it, I loved every minute....big congratulations you both.


Danny & Kyles Winter Wedding

 I have no idea where to start!!! I still feel like I'm on some sort of a comedown!! Maybe it's the fact that I've lived this wedding too, from conception to reality, every minute detail. It was Danny's special day and it was her that made it that way. Both her and Kyle called in favours from anyone and everyone who could help, each one of us tasked with something part of the bigger picture. They married on the Thursday, on the Wednesday night we drove up to Torpoint, to Polhawn Fort to put the final touches to 11 months of preparation. What a stunning venue!!! The drive in is breathtaking along the coast road (the residents here are lucky people), with the fort itself sitting majestically at the end of the road. It was proper winter outside that night, end of the world type stuff but with 10ft thick walls and a fire going nobody seemed to notice.
 The next day the weather broke, cold but it meant to me at least we had a fighting chance of making it down to the beach. The morning was super relaxed and started with yoga in the main room for all the bridesmaids and a couple of others, I'm not sure every bride would opt to start her wedding morning this way (to me, most of the positions just looked painful!!) but everyone claimed they had fun and it calmed the nerves, some were even converted!! It was then time to pop some prosecco and start getting ready at a nice relaxing rate. The morning was full of beautiful little moments...the girls and Danny playing with Ava, Rose doing an amazing job of everyones hair...each and everyone of the bridesmaids giving Danny a gift but it was what Danny gave them back which I thought was inspired. Each bridesmaid received a box which held a scarf, a ring and a personalised album of all the moments Danny had shared with each of them, truly unique, thoughtful, sweet and lovely. 
 It was then time for me to go and grab the Groom and Best man. I found them in the pub...obviously!! We had a few photos looking over the river to Plymouth which gave an awesome backdrop and unique perspective and then it was back to the Fort...nearly go time!!
 Again I felt privileged to witness Danny get Ava ready...she is literally the cutest. When a 20 month old puts on a dress and proceeds to check herself out in the mirror, well...that's just all kinds of adorable!!
 Danny was helped into her dress by her bridesmaids, a real team effort and I don't think I've ever seen her look as beautiful (that's from a brother to a sister), absolutely stunning!!! I then had to race to the front as Kyle was due to walk Ava down the aisle. As the started to come down I just lost it. I'm not really one to cry but there was something truly emotional about watching this unfold before me, a really delicate, beautiful moment. Luckily the emotion was replaced with laughter as it should be noted that between them both Danny and Kyle have 5 middle names and not common ones at that!! They said they're 'I do's' and exchanged rings and I've never seen them look so happy...beaming and smitten.
 We made it to the beach which I was so thankful for as all of the images turned out beautifully. The theme, the colours, the dresses and the scarves matched the location and the weather perfectly. And of course Danny & Kyle rocked it, barefoot on the beach in the middle of December...no worries!! 
We ate, we had speeches and then we danced hard (the band were amazing!), had some sparklers and then danced some more...all with a camera in my hand that I didn't drop which is always good!!!

It was truly an incredible day, and a privilege to be able to document it. A lot of memories for us all to treasure forever


"I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you” 

― Kiersten White, The Chaos of Stars  

Venue: Polhawn Fort
Brides Dress: Whistles Bridalwear
Grooms Suit: Moss Bros
Hair: English Rose
Flowers: 3acre Blooms
Catering: Nomad
Band: Brother from Another
Yoga: Yoga with Jasmine

Danny & Kyle

Housemates, Aunties and Uncles, Fairy Godmothers, best friends, third wheels, the sister you never had and a combined journey that all 4 of us that live at our house have been on since around 10 years ago. To say that we are close is an understatement but next Thursday these guys are gonna get married and it's going to be soooo good Christmas is going to feel a bit of an anti-climax!! Before that however, these two really wanted some time in front of the camera...to calm the nerves (although wine and beer help just as well) so this Sunday we drove over to Dannys Dads house and to this stunning location* (which is top secret). It's the polar opposite of the beach and suited these two down to the ground. The ruins of this old estate are a photographers dream...insert a beautiful couple and it's even better, so many compositions you can never get bored. And of course, this was as much about Danny & Kyles family as it is about them so naturally their daughter Ava was involved...isn't she just the cutest??!! I hope you like them and I for one can't wait for next week xXxXxXx

* Incidentally - Henry Fox Talbot shot some of what are believed to be the first photographs of Cornwall here in 1841, 2 years after inventing photography - bit of random knowledge for you!!

Hannah & Stephens Epic Nancarrow Farm Wedding xXx

What an awesome day!! I'd been looking forward to Hannah & Stephens wedding for a long time...well, since they asked me to shoot it for them really, I knew it would be beautiful and it really was, from start to finish, and, even though the weather wasn't on our side we still managed to capture some awesome images. Time flies and I can't believe a week has gone by already!! Nancarrow Farm played host to their special day and I have to say, it's such a lovely venue, nestled in a valley just outside Truro you could be anywhere in the Cornish countryside. The newly restored Haybarn provided a certain rustic charm for the ceremony and the food...my, the food was incredible...the canapes were some of the best I've ever had and the beef we ate for the wedding feast was next level!!! The Motown Pirates as a band were also epic (who doesn't like a trumpet and trombone?) and we all pretty much danced all night!! There were so many lovely...and funny moments throughout the whole day, like Hannah & Stephen and they're guests this is definitely a day we'll all treasure for a long time. Congratulations to the both of you xXx  

One Field Farm Feast

As a chef I always relish the opportunity to eat great food when it comes along and last week a lucky group of people did just that. Meg has been cultivating and growing One Field Farm for most of the last year. The effort and resilience it must take to grow produce is not something I'd really thought about until I laid eyes on her field. It's impressive and overwhelming in all one??!! You're up at 5am watering and maintaining your veg, is it all ok? Have the rabbits eaten anything? You're making jams and chutneys with left overs, harvesting what else is ready...the list goes on and on. What is great though, is when you have so much stuff that you can invite a bunch of your friends over and celebrate what you've achieved and that was the whole point of this feast. Everyone picked their own sweetcorn and BBQ'd it...field to mouth dripping in butter in less than 10 minutes!! We then all sat in Megs polytunnel in the rain, surrounded by and smelling of tomatoes and ate handsomely. It was a truly fantastic, rustic experience and I think everyone left feeling not just full of great, fresh food but a little inspired too!!    

Cody & Joe

I was absolutely thrilled when Cody asked me to shoot her and Joe's wedding. It was one of those weddings you just knew was going to be a good one. These guys kept it really low key and mellow...very Newquay and in my eyes that's what made it so special. It's so nice when you shoot a wedding where you know a few people, it definitely helps calm any nerves. The ceremony was at St Michael's church in town which I have to say is bright, light, spacious and airy...and only the second time I have actually been inside in all the years I've lived here which is strange. The reception was at Trenance Cottages which was also really lovely and intimate. We lucked in with the weather (the only dry day of the week) and they even managed their first dance outside which was awesome. Such an amazing day surrounded by the warmth of family and good friends, I literally had a smile on my face the whole day!! 

Hannah & Stephen

I don't really want to use the term engagement shoot as these guys have been engaged for a year and are getting married in a few weeks so...I'd say this shoot was more of a celebration of their love for each other and also a chance for them to let their hair down and get them used to me shoving a camera in their face. We chose Crantock Beach as this is where Stephen works as a lifeguard, Hannah also lifeguarded before setting up Gwenna Tearooms in Porth (which you should also check out by the way) so the location was important to both of them. We lucked into the most amazing sunset on the only dry day of the week!! And, after both of them saying how nervous they were within minutes those nerves had gone and it was pretty much like I wasn't even there, they both smashed it, we got some epic images and I really can't wait to shoot their wedding next month xXx

Dick Pearce Bellyboards

I've spent a lot of time shooting for Dick Pearce in the water, more for fun than anything else. They say things come full circle but there's something unique and fun about bellyboarding and the history that I think everyone can enjoy, maybe it's because your expectations are lowered but it really is fun and addictive, ask anyone. Jamie's done a great job of resurrecting a true iconic brand...check them out here .

English Rose Hair Salon

English Rose is owned by one of my best friends and recently she decided to invest in a website for her business. She needed some images for it so I found myself back in a hairdressers?! Again I tried to vary my approach and experiment with different compositions to try and bring a unique, airy look and feel to the salon.  

Winter spots in the middle of Summer??!!

It's usually the depths of winter that you score spots like this...but the middle of June saw a pretty decent chart setting itself up. 11ft @ 15secs is pretty rare at the best of times but the tides were good as was the weather and there really is only one or two spots worth heading to...close to home anyway. Sure a lot of places would have been on fire this day but the novelty factor of scoring this wedge with warmer water is too good to pass up and it didn't disappoint. It was that good it had me reminiscing of how it used to be 10 years ago, before it lost it's form!!

Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum

The work you create whilst doing a degree project takes on a very real world kind of feel, as a result of this I wanted to approach this project (The project being 'Creative Production') in the same way I would a paying client, in a thorough and professional manner.

The brief from the client was fairly straight forward and therefore open to interpretation in any way you saw fit: 'Create either stills and moving image that would encourage more people to volunteer at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum'.

Having seen the grounds at Wheal Martyn my primary aim was to produce a set of images that people could relate to, acknowledge the heritage and give a sense of place and nostalgia, all with a clean modern look. I didn’t want the advertising to be too fussy, fairly simple but with a clear message. I provided mood boards to show the client my vision and drew up a brief for myself. I communicated with both staff and volunteers and everybody there has been friendly and more than willing to participate in helping me create these images. It has been a brilliant project to work on and the overall feedback has been extremely positive, not just from the client but from my peers as well. I really wanted to produce work of a quality that the client would want to use in a real world situation, not just create a body of work for the sake of a project that had no relevance and I personally believe I have achieved this.

A Particularly good day down south!!

My...when Cornwall turns it on she really turns it on, and when it's this good (which is only a handful of times a year) you've gotta shout about it. When Fistral's like this there's really only a few options so we pulled the plug and went and found Hossegor in Kernow. It's days like this in winter that keep me going, the waters still mild, the sun is shining and the crowds aren't too bad. Total day of frothing with Vedda owner and shaper Brad.

Beachshack Hair Salon

A little image library update for the Beach Shack Hair & Beauty Salon in Newquay. I always like to challenge myself and try and shoot subjects that I normally wouldn't when the opportunity arises so I found it quite exciting and fun shooting this set of images and I'm stoked with how they turned out.  

Ticket to Ride InterSchools Championships 2016

The second Independent Schools Surf Championships took place in Perranporth, Cornwall this weekend in perfect surfing conditions, with over 40 competitors battling it out amongst the 3-5 foot and clean waves.

Hosted by surf travel company Ticket to Ride, led by former British Champion Sam Lamiroy, accompanied by top female surf Georgia Timson and the Ticket to Ride team, the 4 day event took a unique format creating more of an educational surf festival atmosphere than a cut-throat competition vibe.

There was a combination of surf coaching sessions, where each pupil was iAM band assessed and given their band colour to mark their ability to provide a handicapping platform for the β€œLeveller” surf competition, combined with evening presentations and discussions with industry stalwarts and a board surf lifesaving relay.

A full write up of the 3 days can be found here

Wills & Kate come to town!!

It was a pretty special day today as William & Kate came to town. They were down Towan Beach learning about the Wave Project which helps children reduce anxiety and improve their mental wellbeing through surfing. Quite a crowd gathered and I was pretty fortunate to be in the right spot to get these shots!!

Ant & Fiona's Epic North Yorkshire Wedding

Wow!!...is all I can say about this wedding. I have been friends with Ant for most of my life and when he called and asked me to photograph his and Fiona's wedding I really couldn't say no, it would be a pleasure and an honour to document their special day.

The ceremony and reception took place in rural North Yorkshire, at a place called 'The Hay Barn' just outside Richmond. The location was phenomenal, so idillic and picturesque, tailor made to capture a stunning day. The sun shone and Ant and Fiona said their 'I do's' (she looked stunning and I don't think a smile left her face all day), we had live music and drinks on the terrace, an awesome meal, classic speeches, and a ceili band after which we partied hard into the night...what a day!!

Here are some of my favs.

Dave & Charmaine

Pleased to say I can finally share a few of the images of Dave & Charmaine's blessing a few weeks ago on Lusty Glaze. It wasn't your typical wedding but a very Cornish Beach Blessing. Master of Ceremony Jonny Roberts did a spectacular job and Dave's brother pretty much gave the best Best Mans speech I think I've ever heard...a career in comedy awaits i'm sure!! It was an epic day all round, the weather held out and family and friends came from around the globe to congratulate these two awesome people, I loved every minute and was stoked to be a part of it!! 


Having your first exhibition is always going to be a bit of a daunting experience. Essentially you are naked in front of a lot of people who may or may not like your work!! That said I was completely overwhelmed and beyond stoked with the turn out for my first exhibition. Everyone that came along and had a look only had positive things to say and I couldn't have hoped for anything more. A really enjoyable experience.

A bit about the exhibition.

β€œPassing Realitiesβ€œ is a body of work conceived through my research into other artists, notably Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Michael Wesely and Richard Misrach. I have taken a little bit of inspiration from each one of them and what you see now is a hybrid of sorts.

When I started out to create a series of photographs I knew I wanted to be outside, living here by the ocean in Newquay the subject matter seems an obvious choice. In fact, there are many good photographers taking photographs of the ocean every day but I wanted something a little bit different. I wanted to play with time, as Sugimoto and Cooper do. What do you see when you look at these images? Time becomes irrelevant, it has no meaning within the boundaries of these frames. Are you looking at the past or into the future?

It is fascinating to me, to look at these images now, after six weeks, knowing that every single one of these photographs
was taken from the same exact spot looking west at exactly the same view. I thought that maybe there would be a risk all of the photographs looking the same but that is the beauty of where we live. With the ever changing weather that we endure, especially during these winter months means that every day is different from one to the next. Even images I shot within ten minutes of each other look drastically different...drastically beautiful.

Richard Misrach is much acclaimed for his series entitled β€œGolden Gate” where he has taken three years to produce a project
that captures the bridge at all times of day and night and every season using the exact same view from his front porch. This project reflects his approach.

Once I had started I found I couldn’t and didn’t want to change my viewpoint. Over time, I became intrigued as to the results
I would get. For myself, it had to be straight down the line and nothing in between.

Like Thomas Joshua Cooper I found the need to be at an exact point. My point is 50Β°25’32’’ N 5Β°6’2’’W looking west, at 30m above sea level, in all weathers other than rain!! Rain and cameras do
not mix very well!! Any time of day or night, as long as there is moonlight, some light, then I could take photographs.
My initial idea was to record a whole lunar cycle taking photos
at the spring high and low tides and then again at the neap tides but two weeks into the project Storm Imogen rolled through. My calculated, methodical approach had been compromised so I adopted a more fluid approach and set about recording as much as I could whenever I could. These are the results. 

Enys House Fashion Editorial

On Monday I was given the opportunity to shoot a fashion editorial at Enys House down near Penryn. The shoot was organised by Lizzie Churchill and Phil Trengrove, absolute legends I must say. The whole day was a great insight from start to finish. The location was incredible and it was a breath of fresh air to work with so many talented people: Models, Stylists and Make-up Artists.

Stylists: Jo Chatterley - Lady c

Make-up: Jo Chatterley, Bethan Jefferies & Jazz Blundell

Models: Treve Stevens, Maisie Tooley, Olive Parker, Poppy Guy, Liam Manning & Chloe Netherton

Also thanks to Val Moon for Crowan Crafts, St Ives and Vintage from Enjoy, Truro

Jak & Eleanor


Another beautiful day. This was a couple who put the emphasis on everybody else enjoying their big day as much as themselves. A small, intimate affair with the ceremony taking place at Helston Registry Office before moving to the Ferryboat Inn on the Helford River for the reception. Again the sun was shining brightly and for the end of September you really couldn't hope or ask for much more. A truly lovely couple...congratulations!!